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At Superior Martial Arts we teach traditional Okinawan Weapons. We have a strong weapons program integrated into our school.

Superior Martial Arts Offers Many Benefits! You probably already knew that since it has been proven a long time ago that martial arts training improves Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and Self-Control. However the benefits our karate program are much more than the ones listed above. Let us introduce you to some different benefits below. • Cardiovascular Workout • Strengthening of the Body • Development of Flexibility • Positive Stress Relief There is no other activity that offers Self-Defense, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Control, a Cardiovascular Workout, Strengthening of the Body, Flexibility, Stress Relief, Improved Concentration, Character Development, and Physical Activity! Superior Martial Arts Can Help You! No matter if you are a man, woman, or child we can help you! Whether your looking for a Great Workout or light recreation we have plenty to offer you. Our professional instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help. We want you to Succeed! It is our mission to help you achieve your goals! Our classes are structured to help you achieve and flourish in our martial arts system. What we teach is simply priceless. The core values and the knowledge we teach will last you a life time and no one can take it away from you!!! CALL TODAY FOR A FREE TRIAL COURSE! Superior Martial Arts 906-428-1118 815 Delta Avenue Gladstone MI, 49837

Brief History:

May 5th 1877 – Uechi Kanbun Born.

March 1897 –Kanbun went to China. Kanbun studied Pangainoon under Shushiwa.

1904 – Kanbun got his proficiency certificate. 1908 – Kanbun started teaching.

1910 – Kanbun returned to Okinawa. He got married in May.

June 26th 1911 – Uechi Kanei was born.

1924 – Kanbun went back to Japan 1926 – Shataku Dojo opened in Wakayama Japan.

1928 – Kanei started teaching.

1940 – The students renamed the style to Uechi-Ryu.

November 25th 1948 – Kanbun passed away.

1991 – Kanei passed away.

Original Kata:

Sanchin – 3 Conflicts.

Seisan – 13 Positions of attack and defense.

Sanseirui – 36 Positions of attack and defense.

Bridging Kata: Kanshiwa – Combination of Kanbun and Shushiwa’s names.

Kanshu – Combination of Kanbun and Shushiwa’s names.

Seichin – 10 conflicts.

Seirui – 16 positions of attack and defense.

Kanchin – Kanei’s fighting technique.

3 Animals: Tiger Dragon Crane

For more than a decade, Superior Martial Arts has helped hundreds of local youth to develop Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Discipline, Focus and Concentration, while learning Self-Defense. Superior Martial Arts’ kids classes facilitate self-discipline by providing structured training that will teach your child how to discipline his / her mind and body to accomplish any task. Respect is the first thing your child is taught at Superior Martial Arts. From the first time he / she bows upon entering the floor to bowing when exiting the class, your child will learn how to respect himself / herself and others. Self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, and respect all correlate to reinforce the values that will make your child a well-rounded person and a well-rounded martial artist Superior Martial Arts’ ranking system will help your child build confidence by achievement and develop a, “Yes I Can Attitude.” We recognize each student as an individual and provide a positive atmosphere where self-esteem can flourish. Superior Martial Arts’ will teach your child to be able to defend themselves mentally and physically. Superior Martial Arts’ kids classes are taught in a Positive, Fun, and Safe learning environment. There is a lot of Excitement from beginning to end. Call Today for Your Free Two Weeks of Karate Lessons 906-428-1118 Superior Martial Arts 815 Delta Ave. Gladstone MI 49837

Hello, I am the head instructor at Superior Martial Arts. It is my passion to make a difference within our community. I have helped countless individuals become achievers and leaders through martial arts training. I have seen our training build confidence in the most reluctant people. It has empowered people to become achievers. It has been my mission to bring back the best training to delta county for my students. You will have a chance to learn Traditional Uechi-Ryu Karate, Aikijitsu, Aikido, and Kobudo (weapons). Primarily you will be learning Uechi-Ryu Karate, a half hard / half soft style. The other styles will supplement you knowledge of the martial arts making you more well-rounded in your abilities. I am proud to say that all instructors at Superior Martial Arts are associated with Sensei James Thompson, and the highly respected Uechi-Ryu Kokusai organization from Kalamazoo. I personally insure you that Superior Martial Arts has a friendly family atmosphere. Every instructor at Superior Martial Arts complies with a strict code of ethics and has an experienced background in teaching and has absolutely no criminal background. Finally I would like to say that martial arts training is perhaps one of the best things you could do. It has more benefits than other activities. It is one of the safest activities a person can participate in. Take care and I hope to see you soon, Lynette A. Bunno (Sensei)